USKY Skype Gateway For windows


USKY Skype Gateway Characteristic

1. Leading technology of Skype and PSTN integration in one device.
2. Windwos 10 operating system, more stable and safety.
3. Skype Gateway is All-In-One design, no external PC needed.

USKY Skype Gateway Function
Management and Setting
1.USKY Skype Gateway support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.
2.GUI interface, easier setting and management.
3.Multi level User’s identity (admin, user, etc.) log-in.

1.USKY Skype Gateway support Skype white/black list, can allow or forbid any Skype call in.
2.Can set the rule of Skype Unlimited World Subscription.

1.Windows 10 Base, more safety and steady.
2.Support Dialing Plan, no dialing habits changed.
3.Support personal/ public phone book function.
4.IVR function, Enterprise can record greetings.
5.Busy Tone auto-detection.

USKY Skype Gateway Model

Item No. Ports Skype Trunk
UGS-200W 2 2
UGS-400W 4 4
UGS-800W 8 8
UGS-1600W 16 16
UGO-200W 2 2
UGO-400W 4 4
UGO-800W 8 8
UGO-1600W 16 16